6-7 Years

Before looking at these milestones, you should read this.

By 7 years your child should:

Listening and Understanding

  • Understand many different concepts for time (eg. today, tomorrow, days of week, last week), position (eg. first, middle, last), comparatives (eg. bigger) and superlatives (eg. biggest)
  • Understand more complex opposites (eg. blunt-sharp, sweet-sour)
  • Follow 3 step instructions, eg. “Go to your room, get your bag, then meet me at the front door”.

Speech Sounds and Talking

  • Use a range of pronouns correctly – eg. we, her, them, yours, their, himself, yourselves.
  • Use regular past (eg. walked) and irregular past (eg. went) tense
  • Be able to be understood 100% of the time by strangers, even if he still has trouble with the ‘th’ sounds.
  • Talk in long, complex sentences and tell stories
  • Identify the first and last sound in a spoken word
  • Identify whether 2 words rhyme and make up words to rhyme with a given word
  • Use thousands of words
  • Answer a variety of questions, eg. “what”, “who”, “where”,  “why”, “how”, “when”, and “how many”

Social Skills

  • Ask questions for information
  • Negotiate solutions to problems
  • Acquire a sense of humour but may not understand sarcasm
  • Develop judgment of right versus wrong and fair versus unfair
  • Want to be liked and accepted by friends


  • Try to spell and read words by sounding out
  • Use some punctuation eg. capital letter at start of a sentence and full-stop at end of sentence
  • Read and retell stories
  • Identify an increasing number of words


  • Cooperate with others – eg. negotiating, assigning roles and playing fairly
  • Engage in well-organised play – eg. board games and card games
  • Engage in play which includes themes never personally experienced (e.g. going to space)
  • Begin to deal well with losing


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This advice is not intended to replace the recommendations of a Speech Pathologist for an individual with a communication impairment. If you have concerns about your child’s speech and language development, please contact a Speech Pathologist.