Why am I passionate about speech therapy?

Hand-In-Hand Speech Pathology… for building family connections

Whatever our age, life is all about relationships. Whether it’s relationships with family, friends, workmates, clients at work or even fleeting connections with people we meet while out and about, we sense the importance of connecting with others, as if we were inherently wired for relationship.


Communication is key to relationship – communicating our thoughts, ideas, emotions, desires and experiences. Communication is the mode through which we build relationship with others. It is a foundational life skill.

So what happens when we can’t communicate effectively? The child who can’t be understood, the teacher whose voice keeps cutting out, the teenager who has trouble connecting with peers due to autism and who is regularly bullied?

I’ve only once lost my ability to communicate, and thankfully it was only for a day. In the midst of a viral infection, my voice disappeared completely. I became acutely aware of the frustration and isolation of many of my clients. And yet, I kept thinking – imagine if this was my reality… every single day?

Hand-In-Hand Speech Pathology is about helping people connect with others through communication.

If you know a person who struggles to communicate effectively, I hope you’ll find that my website and facebook page contain lots of good quality information and the inspiration you need to help that person to communicate well.

PS. If you want more information about my qualifications and work history, you can find it here.