Following are some websites and blogs that I like and use. I hope you find them helpful too.


Speech Pathology Australia: The governing association for Speech Pathologists (SPs) in Australia. This site contains lots of information and fact sheets about the profession, disorders and where to get help.

ASHA The governing association for SPs and Audiologists in USA. Contains lots of information and fact sheets about the profession, disorders and treatments.

Australian Academy of Orofacial Myology Information about Orofacial Myology.

Australian Stuttering Research Centre (ASRC) Information about stuttering and other fluency disorders.

Integrative Breathing Therapy (Dr Rosalba Courtney) Information about the Integrative Breathing approach.

S.O.S. Feeding Approach Find out about Dr Kay Toomey’s evidence-based approach to picky eating and feeding problems.

Spelfabet All about literacy (reading and writing), using the best evidence-based, synthetic phonics approaches. Written by a Speech Pathologist. I use her spelling lists in literacy therapy.

SPELD-SA: Another one that I have bookmarked for regular reference. SPELD-SA is the Specific Learning Difficulties Association of South Australia. Find lots of great information about reading and writing problems and evidence-based treatments. I particularly like their free decodable readers with accompanying worksheets.

ASPECT (Autism Spectrum Australia) Australia’s largest non-profit, Autism-specific service. Look here for upcoming workshops in your area.

Apraxia Kids A reputable source of information about childhood apraxia or speech for parents and professionals.

My Aged Care Information for carers about different health conditions in the elderly, services and contacts.

Caroline Bowen’s Website about Speech Sound Disorders Information and resources for SPs and parents about speech sound disorders. I use her word lists and pictures frequently in therapy and also refer to some of the norms published on her site. Written by an expert SP in the area of speech sound disorders.

Hanen Articles Articles focusing on early language development, aimed at both parents and professionals.

Home Speech Home A website featuring a blog and resources. I like their free word lists and have purchased some of their products as well.


Banter Speech A blog written by an Australian Speech Pathologists, containing high quality articles on many different communication topics, useful for parents and professionals alike.

Speech Room News Lots of information about communication tips and activities; links to her products. More geared towards SPs.

Spectronics Blog A blog that’s all about using technology to enhance life for people with disabilities, including communication.

A Perfect Blend: A personal blog by an American Mum and SP. Links to her speech products.

Play On Words: Comprehensive reviews of toys and books, as well as articles by a highly experienced American Speech Pathologist.

Speech Book Shelf: Speech Pathologists describe how to use specific books to target different communication goals.