Before looking at the norms…

Check the norms from time-to-time

Just because your child meets their milestones early on, it does not mean he will continue to meet his milestones when he should. Parents should check on the development of their children every so often using these norms.

Monolingual babies

These norms are for monolingual children (children learning or hearing one language only).

Bilingual children will have slightly different norms.

Which end of the age range?

Children normally don’t master all the skills in a category until they reach the upper end of the age range.

Look at all aspects of communication

There are many areas of communication to look at and they are all important. Don’t ignore the areas of struggle just because your child excels in a different area of communication.

If in doubt, check it out

If you’e not sure whether your child has a problem, or for further information, contact a Speech Pathologist. Early detection and early intervention works.