Toddlers 12-24 Mths

Aren’t toddlers gorgeous? I love watching the way they toddle around and the magic of seeing their communication skills unfold. Here’s a picture of B2 as he exited toddler-dom: on his 2nd birthday.


Before looking at these milestones, you should read this.

By 24 months your child should:

Listening and Understanding

  • Follow some simple instructions using familiar words – eg. “stop that!”
  • Understand “no” and “not”
  • Point to pictures in a book when you name them
  • Point to some body parts when you name them
  • Answer simple “where”, “who” and “what” questions – eg. “where’s the cat?”

Speech Sounds and Talking

  • Begin to use their own name and refer to self as “I”
  • Be able to name many familiar objects
  • Combine 2 words by 24 months – eg. “Daddy go”, “Drink gone”
  • Imitate some words
  • Combine words, sounds and gestures to help you understand him
  • Be able to be understood by parents 25% of the time by 18 months and 50-75% of the time by 24 months

Social Skills

  • Draw your attention to something using pointing and word (eg. “Whazzat?”)
  • Show affection towards familiar people
  • May cling to parents in new situations


  • Play mainly beside other children, but begin to include other children
  • Play pretend games, eg. feeding a doll

** A word is a word used consistently by the child for the same thing; the sounds need not be correct, as long as they use that word consistently to refer to the same thing. A word may include animal noises such as “baa”.

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This information is not intended to replace the recommendations of a Speech Pathologist for an individual with a communication impairment. If you have concerns about your child’s speech and language development, please contact a Speech Pathologist.